Worlds of XenoCorp


Perilandra is online and running on a part-time basis while Nafein and Stumpy add finishing touches. Stop by and check for the mod called Perilandra in the Alternative Section (top-left corner) when you login to Multiplayer.

We believe the World of Perilandra is a unique and highly enjoyable offering to the Neverwinter Nights online gaming community. Currently, the module features over 250 areas and, from inception, we have been making a concerted effort not to overlook the use of skills for those who prefer to play skill-based characters like rogues. Screenshots are now available for your perusal in the XC NWN Galleries Section.

This mod uses the NWN Community Expansion Pack v1.50 (the Bioware "official" Hak Pack) which can be downloaded for free and without registration at the CEP Team Website. Bookmark that site since it is there you will find the most recent version along with detailed installation instructions.

If anyone has any interest in this project or have comments about Perilandra, please let Nafein and/or Stumpy know. The basics are in hand, but there will be new additions on an ongoing basis, of course.