K'tujHegh's Dynaverse II (GSCI) FAQ Compilation - Revised.

Q) Why is your FAQ's title so long?

A) It's a feature.

Q) How do I log into Dynaverse2?

A) First, you need to be upgraded to at least version v2.006.

If you have a US copy of SFC2, upgrade either from v2.002 to v2.006 (best) or v2.0055 to v2.006.

If you have a UK copy of SFC2, upgrade from v2.002 to v2.005 UK to v2.0055 to v2.006.

If you have a German copy of SFC2, currently not available.

Patch locations:


Mirrored locations:

http://www.blackopsstation.com (left nav bar)
http://cuih.speedline.ca/ (Also has some great information on bugs/features)

Once you have successfully upgraded, to log into Dynaverse2 you:

1. Start SFC2 (we suggest from the starfleet2.exe file)
2. Select Multiplayer
3. Click on "log in" for the Dynaverse2 option
4. Register a flipside.com username/password
( https://www.won.net/community/registration/registration.asp )
5. Log in
6. Once you have logged in. You need to select a starting server. Many users have created their own, or you can use Interplay's servers. The choice is yours.

Q) I receive a message when trying to login: "A firewall has been detected or you are not online. You are unable to log in."

A) This could mean three possible things-

1. Your connection to the Internet has ceased for some reason. Try reconnecting.
2. You have a firewall installed. Make sure the proper ports are open or shut off the firewall. If you are using ZoneAlarm, simply set security to it's lowest setting. (In US manual, see page 93)
3. Most commonly (especially if this doesn't happen very often), flipside.com is busy and not accepting your login information. Simply wait a few minutes and try logging in again.

Q) Is there a way to play even if you are behind a firewall that you have no control over?

A) Probably, no.

Q) I receive a message when trying to login: "CD key is invalid"

A) This could mean several things-

1. You are using a warez copy of SFC2.
2. You have SFC2 installed on more than one machine and that other machine(s) is logged into D2. (Did you perhaps loan a copy to a friend?)
3. You were logged off the servers and they are taking a while to remove your "ghost" from the system. Simply wait 5 minutes.
4. You may need to reinitialize the CD key and reinstall (see above for install info). To do so, involves removing the CD key from your Windows Registry using RegEdit. The location of the key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WON\CDKeys (Do not attempt this without making a backup of the registry!) (Note: Number 4 has also helped those with -1501 errors)

Q) I receive a message when trying to login: "User is already logged onto the server."

A) You were logged off the servers and they are taking a while to remove your "ghost" from the system. Simply wait 5 minutes.

Q) Once I am logged in, it asks me for a starting name and race. Can I change those later?

A) No. So choose wisely when you log in. You will only be allowed to choose again when the server restarts (can be up to 30 days or longer!).

Note: Signing up for a new flipside.com username allows you to switch races. You cannot, however, use the same username on that server.

Q) I already have a character, ship and prestige on a server. When I go to login, it asks me for a character name and race. What is going on?

A) The server owner has restarted the campaign. You must choose a race and start your character over again.

Q) When playing, I get a lot of "crash to desktop" problems.

A) Run www.glsetup.com to update your drivers.

Q) What are the chat functions in Dynaverse2?

A) Additional chat commands for Dynaverse II

/list: Lists out the chat channels available preface with a ( ) if you are
not joined and (*) if you are.
/join [ name ] : Joins a chat channel ( example: "/join federation" )
/leave [ name ] : Leaves a chat channel ( example: /leave General" )
/afk will make you away from keyboard (apparently not currently functioning)
/w (name) will whisper to person

Q) Can I mute a player?

A) Not currently.

Q) How do I move around?

A) Select the "MAP" option in the upper left corner. This will show you the map. You then select 1 of 6 hexes around your position to move.

Q) What do the different colored map hexes/player names mean?

A) It shows the race of the hex/player. Simply right click on the hex/player for more information.

Q) When I right click on a player name, what does all the information mean?

A) If you right click on someone's name (including your own) you'll see something like:

Captain SFCShadow (1874)
Empire: Romulan Star Empire
Prestige: 2146/7020
(Heavy Cruiser) RIS Shadows Fate
(Heavy Cruiser) RIS Pain Giver
(Light Cruiser) RIS Approaching Doom

Explained it is:
<Rank> <Player Handle> <Glicko Rating>
Empire: <Empire Played>
Prestige: ####(available)/#### (Career total)
Ship #1
Ship #2 (if they have more then one)
Ship #3 (if they have more then two)

Glicko increases with successful missions; decreases with failure or forfeits.

Q) How do I zoom the map in or out?

A) You can click the arrows in the upper right corner of the screen, or use the PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN keys. Zooming in to the maximum resolution allows you to see other ships as they move around the map. Some are human. Others are AI.

Q) How do I (or it says I was) draft/get drafted into a mission?

A) If another human player is available and within a set radius of hexes from your ship (default server setting is 1 hex), you can possibly draft or be drafted into a mission. You have two minutes to accept the mission or you can ignore it. However, it is polite to accept the mission and once in the mission, run off the edge of the map for a forfeit. Otherwise, you may crash the other player's system.

Q) How do I know if another player has been drafted into my mission?

A) There are two indicators:

An indication that a human ally/opponent is present is the Mission Briefing screen. If this screen shows a countdown (usually starting from 119), then there is a drafted human player.

To identify the opponent as a human in mission, the user should select the ship in question. If the ship is run by a human, his/her nickname will appear prefixing the class of ship (frigate, light cruiser, etc.)

Q) On the player list, how can you tell a player is currently in a mission?

A) Their name will be dimmed (as will their ship tile on the strategic map).

Q) Can I team up with an allied race and play missions with those players?

A) Yes, it is possible to play missions where multiple races of human players are drafted into missions. In fact, this produces some deadly combinations. However, it is also possible they will be drafted as the enemy in a mission, depending on circumstances.

Q) How do I team up with other humans of my same SFC2 race?

A) The easiest way is to ask them where they are and see if they will join you in your hex or you can join them.

Q) When I look on the map I see a blue DN in the hex next to mine. Can I find out if it's an AI DN, or Human DN?

A) No, you could ask before trying to trigger a mission, but then...they might not tell you.

Q) Every time I get near another human player, a blue beam comes out and I get stopped and then killed. How do I prevent this?

A) The blue beam is a tractor beam set to HOLD (Also referred to as a Gorn Anchor). To defeat a HOLD tractor, you need to do one of two things:

1. Stay outside the enemies tractor range of 2.5
2. Build a REPEL tractor of equal or greater strength (preferably before you are tractored)

Also consult pages 162-164 (US Manual).

Q) What is prestige? How do I acquire it?

A) Prestige is the currency of Dynaverse2. You acquire it by participating in missions. When you move into a new hex, you have a chance of getting a new mission(s). To see if you have any missions, click on the "MISSIONS" button. You can accept any mission in the list, but some missions do not allow you to ignore them. If you get such a mission, you have to accept one of the missions in the list before moving to a new hex. Forfeiting a mission at this point will cost you prestige and your best ship. Once in a mission, you can hit ESC and forfeit without penalty. Prestige allows you to resupply your ships; repair them; and acquire new ships.

Missions in Dynaverse2:

Data recovery (super easy 350-450 points, just get within 15k of sensor outpost, no fighting needed), don't even need to fight. Though that kinda defeats the purpose of learning, you still can get a good boost for points. Very quick battle (less then 3-4 minutes, if you just blitz to the sensor outpost).

Shipyard Defense (moderately easy 450 points). Support your allies and just stay alive, the Bases can take a lot of beating on, so if you get hurt, peel away and repair and let the bases get munched on. With patience easy win. Can be time consuming.

Shipyard Attack (easy to moderate, 450 points) The flipside of the defense. Kill the defenders, then kill the bases, doesn't take long, wait till you get the MP and this is even easier. Capturing the shipyards will net much prestige (1000+).

Monster (moderate 350-450 points). This one you have to be careful with, depending on the monster, if it's pretty much anything BUT the Sunglider, take it. The next toughest is the asteroid one (plasma), just tease the plasma out of it and then dash in and hit it, or get behind it and hit it. Just be patient and this isn't to tough a fight. Since they don't have shields all damage is internal.

Scan (super easy, but only worth 20 points, if you kill the defending ship you get that ship as bonus score equal to what it would be in patrol, if you fight, easy to moderate). Just run up to the planet turn on deep scanners, wait till message run off the map. Capturing the scanned ship will net additional prestige. Easy.

Scout (easy). Get the same points as Patrol basically with a little extra. If you capture the ship(s), you can get mucho extra, without capture, gain roughly 200 PP, with capture gain about 300-450ish.

Ambush the Enemy. (easy) You only get about 100 PP, but you typically overpower the opponent with your AI assistance. Just be patient and you'll win.

Patrol (in Neutral hex - Varies for PP, but typically 150-300ish). If you take Patrols in Neutral hexes, you'll most likely face Orions. Orions are easy if you are patient.

Q) How do I name my ship something else?

A) Go into the "SUPPLY" screen, rename your ship(s), and hit the "DONE" button.

Q) Can you repair your ship at the base/planet of an ally if you are in their territory?

A) No.

Q) How does bidding work? How do I get a new ship?

A) Click on "SHIPYARD" if you are in a hex with your race's planet/base in it.

First make sure you have some excess PP (prestige). Typically you'll need about 520-800 for DD class ships and anywhere from 1200-2100 for CA class ships. This is dependant on server setup mostly and race.

Price is also affected by availability and 'rarity' factor. Older ships in later years are more expensive and newer ships as they are first introduced are also more expensive. Once they become "common" they tend to cheapen up some.

Now, once you have some PP to call in favors with. Goto the shipyard screen (you must be in a hex with your race's planet or base).

You'll see a list of ships (hopefully) ranging from freighters to starbases and their BPV value. BPV doesn't mean that's what it costs though. Roughly ships (again modified by server) are 6x their BPV value modified by rarity factor and availability. You have 4 "bid" options below the bidding screen. +5, +10, +5% and +10%. This allows you to place a bid for either a set 5 or 10 PP more then 'cost' or current bid or an increment of 5% or 10% of current bid.

After you bid, the prestige you agreed upon will be deducted from your account. If your bid is successful, it will remain deducted. If the bid fails, your prestige is returned.

While in "Bidding" status, you'll see what the current bid is, your bid, and a time. Until the clock runs out (and you get your ship hopefully), ANYONE in your empire can (if they have the PP's) can counter bid on your ship. If you don't counter their bid before clock runs out, they get it instead of you for whatever they bid it for. The screen does not tell you who outbid you or who is bidding on what ships.

Right clicking on a ship type in the bid window gives information about it.

Q) After I bid on a ship, do I need to remain in the hex or at a planet/starbase to get my ship?

A) No, but if you want to rename the ship or sell your old ship, you need to go to a planet or starbase. In fact, you can bid on a ship and log off the server. If you win the bid, it will be waiting for you when you get back.

Q) Can I cancel a bid?

A) Not currently so choose wisely. The only way to stop your bid is to have someone overbid you.

Q) What does the "NEWS" information mean?

A) We wish somebody know. Most of the information is fiction.

Q) How do starbases get built?

A) You buy them like a ship in the SHIPYARD. You then move them to a hex and accept the "Starbase Construction" mission. Building a new starbase only affects resupply, not defensive value of a hex.

Q) Could you go to war against your allies by doing missions in their hexes?

A) Supposedly - yes. So far in practice - no. You can attack and take over their hexes, but it is a very slow process.

Q) How do I change a hex to my race's color?

A) Accept and accomplish missions in that hex. Every mission you win lowers it's defense value. Eventually it will change to grey (neutral) and finally to your color. Some hexes (like those with planets or bases) require multiple missions to change, although you do not need to do assault missions in the hex to hurt it - any mission will do. Right click on a hex in the map view to see it's defense value.

Q) The map says we are on "good - friendly - partner - non-aggression pact" relations with a race. Can I still attack them?

A) Yes, however you will find that instead of fighting that race, you fight another race you are at war with. Also, their hexes seem to be harder to take than enemy hexes.

Q) What role does the economy play? Does it make ship cheaper? Higher tech?

A) Economy is configured by the server admin. Basically more hexes means a bigger economy which means more and bigger ships in the shipyards. Losing hexes means less ships and less variety in the shipyards. What ships are available has more to do with the year and the server's configuration.

Q) Can I capture other ships in D2?

A) Currently, capture works fine in AI only games. In games with humans, it can sometimes be buggy, resulting in an ESC/Forfeit to end the mission. If you capture a ship (AI or human) and it explodes, you almost always have to ESC/Forfeit to end the mission. Taldren is looking into the problem.

Q) How do I taunt another player and where can I find a list of the taunts?

A) Using the Taunts

Each race has eleven unique taunts that you can broadcast to the ship you currently have targeted. To send a taunt, hold down the SHIFT key and press F1 through F11 to select from taunts 1 through 11. The taunts for each race are listed below.

The list of taunts is located in the readme.txt file at:
C:\Program Files\Taldren\Starfleet Command II\readme.txt

Q) When I quit the server what happens to my ship?

A) It will be waiting for you when you get back at the location you left (so pick a safe hex to quit on).

Q) What happens when a race looses all its territory?

A) The race can no longer resupply or acquire new ships until they take a base or planet. Even then, the race will have a nearly empty shipyard. It is possible for them to make a comeback however.

Q) Can I play more than one server?

A) Yes, but you start fresh, choosing a race and starting in a frigate. Information does not transfer between servers.

Q) Where can I get a list of all the ships?

A) There are many places:

www.sfctactics has an online listing of v2.005 ships.
http://ericchung.com/golden.htm has a downloadable list of v2.0055 ships.
ftp://ftp.teracode.com/pub/ShipEditv30202.zip ShipEdit allows you to see the actual shiplist.txt and fighterlist.txt files.

Q) Where can I found out more about starting a server?

A) Taldren's D2 forum has a wealth of information. Also, Artic Fire's website has detailed instructions, FAQs, and more: http://home.gci.net/~articfire21/ It is a good place to start.

Q) I'm new and looking for basic SFC2 information. Where can I find it?

A) Start here:

theSea's list of Online SFC Resources


S'Tasik Federation Tactics:

Aevlom's R-WB+ analysis

Aevlom's R-WE analysis

hobbesmaster's - A hydran ship analysis: Fighters