Analysis: Hydrans - 200 late,  no Dreads

Hydran options, 200 late no dreds.

Cavalier (CAV+)
127 Bpv Base
+48 (8 level 3 assault fighters.)
+24 (6 level 2 assault fighters.)
+01 (1 Admininstrative shuttle.)

Pros: Itís a carrier. Hornets blow stuff up with 150+ damage with alpha strikes.
Cons: Carrier itself is pitifully armed, only a few phasers that die very fast, fighters can die if not controlled well.

Overlord Battle Cruiser (OV)
186 Bpv Base
+12 (6 Level 1 assault fighters.)
+02 (1 marine)

Pros: Battle cruiser, good forward shields, good weapons suite, 6 fighters, good phaser suite for a hydran CA.
Con: Poor FA arcs on all heavy weapons, Ph1ís die fast, only lvl 1 fighters. It is hard to outrun anything.

Lord Cardinal Heavy Command Cruiser (CHC)
165 Bpv Base
+18 (3 Level 3 assault fighters.)
+16 (4 Mines or spares, 8 marines)

Pros: Good FLL and FRR hellbore arcs, decent phaser suite, decent shields. Hellbore arcs allow for better dancing.
Cons: Sometimes out classed by other raceís BCHís, phasers are easily soaked up by any drone race. It is hard to outrun anything.

Lord Admiral Heavy Command Cruiser (CHA)
156 Bpv Base
+36 (6 Level 3 assault fighters)
+08 ( 2 mines or spare parts, 4 marines)

Pros: Good phasers, good fusion arcs, 6 level 3 assault fighters.
Cons: Out classed sometimes by other raceís BCHís, phasers soaked up by drones. It is hard to outrun anything.

Ranger + CA (RN+)
119 Bpv Base
+48 (8 Level 3 assault fighters)
+32 (8 mines/spare parts, 16 marines)

Pros: Essentially a CVS, the ranger has good fighters. Heavy weapons are missing from the cavalier, but are on here. Better phasers than the CAV.
Cons: Less fighters than cavalier, seriously outclassed without fighters. Will make people laugh at you.

Sioux New Command Cruiser
161 Bpv Base
+32 (6 Level 3 assault fighters.)
+02 (Marine)
+01 (Administrative shuttle)

Pros: 6 fighters, equal fusion and hellbore armament. Better power curve than the BCHís. Hellbores on 1 hard point (less repair cost).
Cons: Less hull integrity, less rear shield than the BCHís. FA arcs on all heavy weapons. All hellbore are on 1 hard point (h&r vulnerability).

Apache Medium Command Cruiser (APA), Escort Hunter Frigate (EH)
139 Base Bpv (APA)
+50 Base Bpv (EH)
+08 (2 mine/spare or 8 marines)
+01 (Administrative Shuttle)
+02 (1 Marine)

Pros: Set 31 and donít look back! Excellent power curve. Escort ship can handle a large amount of incoming drones, just donít give it a shuttle (will weasel in very stupid positions.). Can out maneuver most other ships. It is not suicide against a KVL.
Cons: AI sucks. After AI ship dies, you will be out classed. No fighters.

Crussasier Frigate Leader (CRU), Scythian Escort Carrier (CVE), Escort Hunter Frigate (EH)
+76 Base Bpv (CRU)
+54 Base Bpv (CVE)
+50 Base Bpv (EH)
+16 (4 Level 2 Assault fighters).

Pros: Set 31 and donít look back. Fighters give you options. Can out maneuver anything but a fast patrol ship (not that anyone could get a tender at 200 bpv ). Will impress if you pull it off. Its different from what else you would take.
Cons: AI sucks. Carrier AI really sucks. If you fly your flag from the CRU, your CVE will send fighters on a suicide mission, if you fly your flag from the CVE, your CRU will commit suicide. Flying these 3 ships will require micromanagement of CVE and careful positioning of the CRU. Poor shields on all ships. Will make people laugh.

Conclusion: To be honest, it really depends on your play style, if you like carriers try the CAV+ or RN+. If you want to have many tactical options, take a OV or a SUI. If you are in for a challenge, take the frigate squadron. Its really interesting the variety of the options that you have. Just be forewarned, wingman AI sucks, outside of romulan war birds.

Hobbesmaster XC
Hydran squadren commander, xenocorp.