Mirak Dynaverse II (GSCI) Tactics - Part 1

I fell in love with the Mirak back in my early days of SFC2 and in single player play. The Mirak are very easy to play as a single player race, but actually very hard and often frustrating in multiplayer. Along comes Dynaverse2 and I think Mirak should be given a second look by all players. They offer yet another facet of play....

First, prestige is fast and loose. You can easily go from a FF to a BB in the course of an hour or two of play against AI. This is something no other race can do so quickly. Don't worry so much about your ships or prestige (keep a small cushion for emergencies). You can easily gain it all back in a very short time.

Second, Mirak can take hexes faster than any other race. My average fight time against AI is well under 10 minutes per mission (about 4 minutes, I think). I can easily take hexes faster than 3 Lyran humans coordinating their efforts. Even some missions that take forever with other races are 10-minute affairs as a Mirak (Base and planet assault, shipyard assault, etc.).


The Mirak have three very powerful things going for them:

1) Drones (also called missiles)
2) Fighters (with drones)
3) Prestige to burn

Ships like the FF, CL, CA, CC, CS, BCH, DN and BB are outgunned and outmanned by similar ships in other races. Mirak Ph-3s, disruptors and shields are too weak for 1v1 matchups. Disruptor arcs suck. Missiles can't be fired fast enough from these ships. Most of these ships are massively underpowered as well. Lyran and Klingon can fly circles around them.

What to do?

Think combined arms (i.e. FLEET control).

Fleet action

Drone and Carrier ships (particularly the lower bvp ones) should be used in fleet actions of 2 or more. You should think combined arms since all drones work well in some situations and all fighters work well in others.

One drawback is that most of these ships lack serious drone defense. So if you're thinking about taking them into Hydran or Klingon space, consider an missile escort ship with ADD (like the AFF or MEC) or a flagship with some ADD (like the CVA, CV or CVE).

I usually set my fleet to tight disciple and occasionally jump from ship to ship (F6-F8) as the battle progresses (and to keep the AI from doing anything too stupid).

If you choose the right ships, you'll be flying around at spd 30-31 (NEVER SLOW DOWN!), firing missiles and coordinating fighters without too much effort.

Pages 140-144 in the US manual go into detail on fleet control.

Fleet notes:

USE F1. USE F1. USE F1. There is no way you'll be able to keep track of the battle and your ships if you use the default view.

Use Fleet control. I sit in the Fleet control screen so I can quickly fire my ships weapons and change their orders.

Practice with just two ships until you're ready for three. Fleet control isn't the easiest skill to master but it's rewards are great. I suggest trying drone cruisers before moving on to the much more complex carriers (or have the carrier be your flag with drone escort).

Fleet control issues:

1) When you switch from one ship to another, you will often lose your current acquired target. Oh, it looks like you have the target acquired, but try firing weapons. They will either not fire or go sailing off at another target. After you flip ships, get in the habit of reselecting the enemy again ("Y" key or right click on target).

2) Fighter launching is out of your control. You can, however, flip to the AI controlled carrier and tell the fighters to harass or recall them, and they will listen (i.e. the AI won't change your commands - usually). If the carrier is not your first ship, you'll want to switch to it right away in Fleet Control so you can pull fighters back in (the AI can instanta-launch fighters).

3) AI ships wander off. When mine do this, I have two choices. a) I switch control of the offending ship from "tight" to "loose" and back again. Sometimes this brings them back in line. b) Jump to the ship and assume control. Sometimes this is the only way to save the ship.

4) Formations are buggy. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't - and you're stuck in a V formation no matter what you do. When they do work, I prefer a straight line where I am the leader.

5) AI ships waste expendables. Keep shuttles, mines and spares to a minimum on escorts. MAX your marines to prevent capture. Always keep tight control over the AI so they don't waste missiles (which means you have to fire them from the Fleet Control screen).

6) Shut off disruptors. To get speed and power, if you shut off a weapon, the AI usually won't turn it back on.

7) Running off the map. You'll have to head toward the border at maximum speed and disengage your ships one at a time (since AI controlled ships won't disengage). That means you should check your drone racks and head for the border when you hit about 2 or 3 reloads left. Keep your fleet panel open and get ready to hotkey to another ship once you warp out (F6-F8).

Any ships that chuck drones or launch fighters are winners (although some are better than others). In fact, I consider the Mirak extremely lucky to have some of these fine selections.

Mirak Ships

BVP 74 - Year 1
1 Dis1; 6 DroA; 2 Ph1; 2 Ph3
Drone Storage: 120 I; 60 IV
Drone Control: 12
Fighters: 0

The Mirak Drone Frigate is the first ship you should spend you prestige on no matter when you start your Dynaverse2 career. With 6 Type IV drones, you can easily and quickly kill any AI ships you come up against. With 3 DF in a squadron, you can actually fire 18 drones a turn at the enemy.

The DF turns on a dime and can keep 12 missiles in the air. It's expendables are small, so the AI doesn't waste too much a mission (although it's still frustrating to see the AI drop a slow drone scatterpack at an enemy moving away at spd 31). The power curve on this ship is superb.

The DF+ is fine upgrade to this ship with better shields and more missiles (Year 12). These ships make great escorts for any flagship. Their BVP is so low as to make their presence negligible for AI matchups. Remember that these ships are so cheap that they're expendable!

Any AI mission is child's play in this ship, even planetary assault and the dreaded Sunglider monster (or two!). With a group of DFs, I've managed to kill human Lyran and Klingon players (in bigger ships). Later era's medium and fast missiles make your job easier. Prestige cost: 404 (Interplay Servers' costs quoted)

BVP 73 - Year 1
4 DroA; 2 Ph1; 4 Ph3
Drone Storage: 80 I; 40 IV
Drone Control: 6
Fighters: 2 squads of 2

At even less BVP than the DF, the Destroyer Carrier is another fine ship to add to a combined arms squadron. It's fighters do not seem like much, but a group of three ships can shoot 12 drones and launch 12 fighters (enough to stagger even a dreadnought if used correctly). The power curve on this ship is also superb.

In the end, I prefer the DFs more because of the AI's waste of fighters. You can earn prestige but not at the alarming rates that you can with DFs. Against Lyran, I suggest only using Saluki II/III fighters. Prestige cost: 881.

Note: if you can't get a DF or DDV in the shipyard, a good ship to replace your (worthless) Z-FF with is a Z-DD. It comes with 4 drone racks, which are good enough against the AI until you can get a drone cruiser or three.

The Mobile Carrier is supposed to be a step up from the DDV. While it does have slightly better shields and weapons (Drone Control: 12), the cost really doesn't justify the ship. It also comes out much latter than the DDV (Year 13). However, if choosing between the DWV and no carrier, I recommend it.

This ship is ok, but the DDV is cheaper and offers more drone firepower. If it has an advantage, it would be it's point defense. Just remember though, you can get two DDV for the price of one CVE.

Slow with a horrible power curve. It's a death trap compared to the DF.

Better shields and point defenses, the MDC is a worthy upgrade to the DF in later years. The MDC+ is a nicer ship with better missile racks and added point defense systems. I plan to replace some of my DF with MDC in Year 7.

Good power and 8 fighters. It lacks any point defense.

Slightly less of a ship than the CV. The CLV has good point defense, good power, and 7 fighters.

The "king" of early carriers in Year 3. The CV has good point defense, good power, and 8 fighters. Until the CVA comes out in Year 10, the CV is a powerful flagship.

Available in Year 7, the Strike Carrier is similar to the CV. It does have slightly more power, but also many more power-hungry disruptors. The CV is also cheaper.

A powerful ship with great offensive and defensive weapons. Any Lyran should be scared of a CVA with 16 Saluki III fighters. This is one ship I would be willing to fly without escorts. Most others, I want a fleet. Prestige cost: 3029 (a steal!)

The Battle Carrier suffers from bad timing. The CVA has already been out for 8 years, and the CVA is a much better ship. If cost is a concern, the CVS/CV are cheaper and available even sooner.


Some of these ships come with disruptors (most have horrible FA only arcs). I suggest shutting them off and using the power for ECM or speed.

Otherwise, I suggest overloading a bank or two to help rip down shields for close-in fighting.

Against Lyran, if you aren't going spd 31, you're going too slow!


Type I missile
Warhead Strength: 12 damage
Endurance: 3 turns
Damage points to destroy: 4

Type VI missile
Warhead Strength: 24
Endurance: 3 turns
Damage points to destroy: 6

Missiles are available in three speeds:

Slow - spd 16 (early era)
Medium - spd 24 (middle era)
Fast - spd 34 (late era)

I actually prefer to use only Type VI missiles. They are harder to destroy. And once they finally get through enemy defenses, they offer much more of a punch.

As always, never randomly fire your missiles. Always fire them when you know they will do the most good (like when the enemy is moving slowly or toward you).

A good read on drones and defending against them can be found here. Keep these in mind when fighting with drones.

By the way, a good tip in negating mines as a defense is to fire 1 drone, wait a second or two, then fire the rest. Usually, the single drone will hit the mine and the rest will get through.

Also, focus on one or two enemy ships at a time to overwhelm his defenses with drones.

Mirak Fighters

Fighter Weapons

Disruptors mounted on fighters have a maximum range of 4.

Disruptor Hit/Damage Table:
Range ----------------- 0 --------- 1 ---- 2 --- 3-4
Chance to Hit ------ 100% ------- 83% --- 83% -- 67%
Damage ------------ (3-2)* ---- (3-2)* ---- 2 ---- 2

Fighter Type I missile
Speed: 34
Warhead Strength: 4 damage
Endurance: 1 turn
Damage points to destroy: 2

Fighter Type VI missile
Speed: 24
Warhead Strength: 8
Endurance: 2 turns
Damage points to destroy: 2

Fighter Variants

Mirak Vizsla I
First Year Available: 2263
Maximum Speed: 26
BPV: 4
Damage Points to Destroy: 11
Weapons: 2xPh3, Arc: FH
Comments: Only good for drone defense, these fighters are not worth their prestige.

Mirak Saluki I
First Year Available: 2263
Maximum Speed: 29
BPV: 4
Damage Points to Destroy: 10
Weapons: 2xPh3, Arc: FH
Comments: A faster version of the Vizsla I.

Mirak Mastiff I
First Year Available: 2263
Maximum Speed: 25
BPV: 6
Damage Points to Destroy: 12
Weapons: 2xPh3, Arc: FH - 1xDis, Arc: FH, Shots 2 - 1xPh3, Arc RA
Comments: Only one heavy weapon and slow. Good for drone defense.

Mirak Basenji I
First Year Available: 2263
Maximum Speed: 25
BPV: 8
Damage Points to Destroy: 12
Weapons: 1xPh2, Arc: FH - 2xDis, Arc: FH, Shots 1 - 1xPh3, Arc RA
Comments: In it's current bugged state (see bottom for comments), this is a fighter to consider as part of a mixed group.

Mirak Vizsla II
First Year Available: 2263
Maximum Speed: 28
BPV: 8
Damage Points to Destroy: 12
Weapons: 3xPh3, Arc: FH - 1xRack VI, missiles 2
Comments: The first fighter with missiles. I would consider this one except the Saluki II is faster.

Mirak Saluki II
First Year Available: 2263
Maximum Speed: 31
BPV: 8
Damage Points to Destroy: 12
Weapons: 2xPh3, Arc: FX - 1xRack VI, missiles 2
Comments: A fast fighter, one that you can set to harass and know probably won't be overrun. Pull it back into the ship for reload after it fires its missiles. A drawback is that it's missiles only go spd 24. In the first year of the war, this is the fighter to pick.

Mirak Mastiff II
First Year Available: 2264
Maximum Speed: 27
BPV: 10
Damage Points to Destroy: 14
Weapons: 1xPh3, Arc: FH - 1xDis, Arc: FH, Shots 2 - 1xRack VI, missiles 3
Comments: A combined weapons fighter, it's only drawback is slower speed. Against Klingons, this is the fighter you want until year 2268.

Mirak Basenji II
First Year Available: 2268
Maximum Speed: 27
BPV: 10
Damage Points to Destroy: 14
Weapons: 1xPh2, Arc: FH - 2xDis, Arc: FH, Shots 1 - 1xRack VI, missiles 2
Comments: Better version of the Mastiff II but comes out later.

Mirak Vizsla III
First Year Available: 2272
Maximum Speed: 28
BPV: 12
Damage Points to Destroy: 12
Weapons: 3xPh3, Arc: FX - 1xRack I, missiles 3
Comments: Lots of fast missiles but less damage upon impact (4).

Mirak Saluki III
First Year Available: 2273
Maximum Speed: 31
BPV: 12
Damage Points to Destroy: 12
Weapons: 3xPh3, Arc: FX - 2xRack I, missiles 3
Comments: A better version of the Vizsla III. Consider using this for overwhelming an enemy's point defenses. A group of four of these fighters can shoot 24 fast missiles before needing to reload! Able to move at spd 31, it becomes a great harass fighter. Use this fighter as soon as it is available against your Lyran foes.

Mirak Mastiff III
First Year Available: 2275
Maximum Speed: 27
BPV: 13
Damage Points to Destroy: 15
Weapons: 2xPh3, Arc: FX - 2xRack I, missiles 4 - 1xRack VI, missiles 2
Comments: The best missile fighter available. This ship can put up a withering fire of medium and fast missiles. It's only drawback is max. speed 27. A fast-moving enemy can tractor it for elimination.

Mirak Basenji III
First Year Available: 2277
Maximum Speed: 27
BPV: 13
Damage Points to Destroy: 14
Weapons: 1xPh2, Arc FX - 2xDis, Arc FH, Shots 4 - 1xRack VI, missiles 2
Comments: An improved version of the Basenji II. A combined-arms fighter, it's only drawback is slow speed. Consider mixing in a group or two of these fighters with Mastiff III or Saluki III.

Bug note: 2xDisruptors (DisF) have unlimited shots. This is incorrect. Fighter disruptors should be only capable of being recharged upon return to the mothership. Currently, 2xDisF disruptors will use their allotted shots quickly then will miraculously recharge and fire at a reduced rate.

Fighter tactics

Attack: This orders a fighter group to attack the target. They will close and attempt to do maximum damage to the enemy. I don't recommend this setting unless you have the enemy on the ropes.

Harass: This tells a fighter group to stand off and fire weapons from a distance (hopefully outside point defense range). This increases protection for the fighter group but decreases the amount of damage it will do with direct fire weapons. This is the standard setting you should use for attacking the enemy.

Defend: The fighter group will fly to the current target and defend it from attack.

Defend me: The fighter group will defend it's mother ship.

Return: Tells the active fighter group to return to its mother ship for rearming and refueling.

Pull all your fighters back to the ship if you think the enemy is close to death. You won't have to resupply from a base or planet that way.

When working with fighters, consider both their max. speed and their arms. With my ships, as the years go by and the variety increases, I mix my fighter groups to include Saluki, Mastiff, and Basenji when fighting Klingons. Against Lyran, I usually only use Saluki III. Otherwise, Lyran will either overrun the fighters or outrun their missiles. A group of Saluki III can ruin a Lyran's day. The Mastiff III would be another option but you'll likely lose a few groups to overruns.

In Dynaverse II (GSCI) Play

Since I started playing Mirak again, I've been flying around in 3 DDVs with 2 wings of 2 ships each. This group of ships is quite devastating and it makes a Human in a single ship pause.

These little DDVs have fairly good shields, they can run at spd 31 without breaking a sweat, and they can each fire 10 volleys of 4 type VI missiles. Replacing one of these little ships is no problem and I earn prestige as long as I remember to pull my fighters back to their motherships every once and awhile to rearm and repair.

On another server, I have went a different route. I am sticking mainly with drone cruisers (since they are so plentiful). I'm currently building up a fleet of 2 DFs and 1 (changing flagship) to fight my Lyran neighbors. I may switch at some point to a carrier heavy group as Lyran ships improve. I like having a carrier as the flag and the drone cruisers as flankers so I have better control over my fighters.

Prestige with either strategy (drone or fighter) has not been a problem and I quickly amass sums that would make other races drool. Perhaps, I'll be flying around in 3 CVA at some point. Won't that make an enemy pause to see 48 Saluki III fighters coming at them along with 18 heavy missiles!

Race Specific

Lyran - A good Lyran is never going to slow down when he's near you. And even then, he probably won't slow down below spd 25. So, never ever slow down unless you're retrieving fighters. Always go spd 30+ if you want to live.

Early Era - The best way to get him is to either fly in front of him while he is charging his weapons to fire your spd 16 missiles. Or, have your flagship be an anchor. Fly in and tractor him with an L3 tractor. Slow and increase the tractor. Have your drone ships unload. Make sure the ship you have anchoring is at most 1 hull size below the Lyran ship, otherwise he'll be able to pull you along at speeds faster than your missiles (like one pilot did with my Z-DDV against his L-CA).

With fighters, I suggest the Saluki II or Mastiff II

Middle Era - Things become much easier with medium missiles. A Lyran can no longer safely fly circles around your missiles. Just watch where he is and wait for him to be turning at you. Once you get a full wave into him, he'll be in big trouble - two waves and he's dead. Fighters now come into their own and become a force the Lyran cannot ignore.

With fighters, I suggest the Saluki III or Mastiff III

Late Era - Fast missiles seal the fate of the Lyran. No Lyran ship can dodge or knock out waves of 12-18 fast, heavy missiles for more than a single volley (maybe two).

With fighters, I suggest the Saluki III, Mastiff III, or Basenji III

Klingon - Klingons tend to fly slower than Lyran so you don't have to be quite as worried about them but they do have their own missiles, so watch out. I still recommend going speed 30+ so you can get into a good firing position and start flying with an AMD ship (or two) in your fleet by middle era.

Early Era - The best way to get him is to either fly in front of him while he is charging his weapons to fire your spd 16 missiles. Or, have your flagship be an anchor. Fly in and tractor him with an L3 tractor. Slow and increase the tractor. Have your drone ships unload. Make sure the ship you have anchoring is at most 1 hull size below the Klingon ship, otherwise he'll be able to pull you along at speeds faster than your missiles (like one pilot did with my Z-DDV against his L-CA).

With fighters, I suggest the Saluki II or Mastiff II

Middle Era - He has bigger ships with more AMD. You now have faster missiles. Concentrate on ONE SHIP with your missiles until it is crippled. Then, work on another ship. The secret to defeating AMD is speed and distance. Launch your missiles when he is moving into them to speed your missiles and launch them as close as comfortable to shorten their distance. Massive volleys should overwhelm his AMD and get a few through.

If the enemy is in a DN hull, keep your speed up and keep pumping missile waves into him (from the front). Eventually he'll run out of AMD and phasers and you'll start hitting him for damage. A sure sign is when his tractors come on. Using missile fighters helps as they can launch many more missiles much faster than your ships can.

With fighters, I suggest the Saluki III or Mastiff III

Late Era - Very seriously consider AMD. I suggest using MDC for drone ships - CVA or CV for carriers. You might also want to take a MEC along for protection as this ship is drone/fighter proof (6 ADD weapons!). Again, launch your missiles when he is moving into them to speed your missiles and launch them as close as comfortable to shorten their distance. Massive volleys should overwhelm his AMD and get a few through. Using the Mastiff III "Missile Porcupine" fighter should make life very uncomfortable for Klingon heavies and dreads.

With fighters, I suggest the Saluki III, Mastiff III, or Basenji III


While all these tactics work well in 1v1, and sometimes 2v1, matchups, they really shine when used in groups. Imagine two Mirak captains with 3 MDC apiece and you get the picture. They can fire 36 heavy missiles per turn. I'm not entirely sure two human Klingons in B11s would want to fight with those odds.

In earlier eras, having groups of frigates makes for deadly combinations. Having one Mirak captain be the "scatterpacks" and the other captain (in a heavy) being the "anchor" can kill the strongest enemy (assuming the heavy ship has enough power to GO spd 31).

Addressing specific Mirak captain concerns

Versus Humans - A single Mirak DF (with fast missiles) is going to have a hard time killing a human Klingon with good ADD. However, a single Mirak captain with three DF should be able to overwhelm the opposition in short order (space those volleys out boys to conserve missiles). The same can be said with using carriers and other ships. Multiple ships allows you the flexibility to overwhelm your opponents with missiles (and they don't even need to be fast missiles, medium speed works well if you get in front or close to your opponent). Combine this with some coop help from friends using similar tactics and you have a powerful force against other humans.

Missile Costs - One would think maintaining a fleet of drone cruisers or carriers would be more expensive than a single ship, but in reality you use less missiles and lose less fighters because you are killing your enemy so much more quickly. Most ships can hold off volleys of 6 missiles for quite some time, but volleys of 12 or 18? Not a chance (unless the missiles are slow and they remember to outrun them).

Fleet Control is too hard/ AI too stupid / Too expensive - Bullcrap! Practice and you'll see how easy it is. I've fought loooong battles with very good Lyran and Klingon pilots using my DFs and DDVs. Sometimes I win, sometimes they win. I have yet to lose all three ships (and remember, replacing them is dirt cheap!). Against AI, the battles are quick and my expendables in acceptable cost limits (i.e. I earn prestige). If at any point you feel strapped for cash, dump all your ships except a drone cruiser, and head back into the heart of the empire for some R&R and prestige restock.

Why not just one ship? - It's too easy for your missiles to be defeated. Also, one ship usually means one big ship (like a DN or BB) and frankly, these ships aren't very good. Their best tactic is anchor/missile... or saber dance. This works fine against single opponents, but against multiple (even a few AI), they have their hands full. And saber dancing? The Klingon and Lyran are better at it!

Special note to Klingons: The K-D6D and K-D5D allow for similar fleet tactics (although at a much greater prestige expense and much tougher AI opposition).

Special note to adthrawn and ExecutionerFive: I now agree on wanting flag ship selection. It would make my life easier.

Final Note: I don't think this article is nearly complete but it's getting too long for a single read. I think it deserves at least one more followup article. I'm still growing as a Mirak player in Dynaverse2 and my tactics are evolving with them. So far, the best fight I've had was against FailedJedi, an extremely fine Lyran pilot. I fought his CA in 2 DFs and 1 DDV for the better part of an hour and the only thing that kept me from killing him was that my anchor was too small or my missiles were too slow. He managed to capture one of my DF (at my suggestion, he was H&Ring - remember, only 400 prestige lost) before our game crashed.


Good luck, Captain!