Romulan Advanced Fast Cruiser
Designation: R-XCF

Oh, baby!

BVP: 304
Turn Rate: B
Move cost: 1
Cloak cost: 20
Accel: 18

Think of the XCF as the R-SPZ Acceleration Cruiser taken to the extreme. This ship has everything the SPZ is lacking. Great power. Great shields. Longer range punch. Drone Defense. Cloak. She turns on a dime, moves quick, and hits you hard.

She's also very expensive at bvp 304.

Hull: 6 Forward; 10 Aft
Armor: 8
Excess Damage: 4

Still a bit delicate, the XCF sports some armor plating to help when the shields go down. Try and keep them up so you'll live longer. She can't take too much of a pounding.

Shuttle bay: 6 - Launch 2
Marines: 13/23
Transporters: 5

Much better than previous Hawk ships, this ship has a large shuttle bay, fast launch rate, and enough transporters and marines to make capture viable (Is the number of marines reduced because of the 24 marine bug?).

Tractors: 3
Shields: 1:54; 2/6:50; 3/5:46; 4:42 = 288

Awesome shields but few tractors. Still, it has Plasma D and Phaser Gs for drone defense.

Weapons: 2 Pl-X; 6 Pl-F; 2 Pl-D; 2 Ph-B; 10 Ph-X; 2 Ph-G
Mines: 4/10; 1 NSM
Power: 59

Holding weapons : XCF spd 31 max. - 9.5 excess power

Oh yeah, she can go spd 31 while charging most of her weapons. If you do need to slow down, the ship can accelerate very quickly back up to attack speed.

The Plasma X is just what this ship needed to get in and hit fast moving opponents and get back out. Once the opposition is worn down, the Fs can be used to finish the job. This ship should give an F-BB a run for it's money.

Photon bonus? We don't care about no stinking photon bonus!


Good luck , Captains !