K'Tinga Class Klingon Cruiser

It seems that a lot a people dismiss this wonderfull ship.

 First some stats:

K-D7T (K'Tinga):


n      BPV : 143

n      First year of availablity : 2268 (middle era in MP)

n      Total power : 40

n      Weapons :

        8 Phaser-1

        5 Photon torpedoes (3 FA, 2 RA)

        2 AMD 12

n      Shuttle : 1 (Max 2)

n      Tractors: 4

n      Transporters : 5

n      Marines : 16 (Max 32)

n      Shields : 32-24-24-24


What are her great weakness ? Well nothing more than any Klingon ship : Paper thin hull.

 Why choose her instead of the K-D7L (141 BPV) ? Well, there are a lot of reasons: more phaser-1, one more power, more crunch power and more no resupplying if you play on DV2, very usefull for saving your PPs.

 How to fly her ?

At the beginning, don't move let the photons charge, depend on the situation. Also make a SS and a WW if needed, you have no drones so you dont have to make SP.

 My suggestion for key binding :

1-     all phasers that can fire in the front side, 6 in all.

2-     all phaser that can fire in the rear side, 4 in all

3-      the 3 FA photons

4-      the 2 RA photons.

 As any federation ship keep an eye on the EW panel and match the ECM of the target (damn it). She needs more power management than any other klingon ship.

 Do NOT try to overload the front photons except if you are starcastling, they will eat 12 power to be overloaded, she cannot afford that.

 If you are chased up, turn off the front photon and snipe with the read one. Once the pursueing ship will lose her front shield, charge the front photon. If the other captain is not stupid he will stop pursueing you so take the initiative.

 The best tactics is to set the front photon on proxy, and begin a saber dance. Do not fire the rear one, you will keep some crunch power. Keep them on normal, it will be a strong deterent for any try of overrun. Also the SS you build in the beginning is here for that.

Do not fear drones chuckers, only some Mirak ship can overwelm your point defence.

Once a shield is open, keep on sniping with proxies and at good range with phasers too.

 With some good power management you can fly speed 20-25 easily. Like with any other Klingon ship DO NOT try an overrun. You will lose, especially against federation, hydran, lyran and plasma races.

 It is not because you have more crunch power that the fight will be shorter but you are better suited if the opponent try an overrun. Your possibility of return fire is very high and can nullify the benefit of the overrun. You can make an Alpha strike up to 40 damages and more.

 In conclusion, the K-D7T (K'Tinga) has more crunch power than any klingon ship of her class (the uber K-C7 does not count neither the upper uber K-C7V). She a good option on DV2 waiting for the D7W to be available and a good choice at 150 BPV. She has the same weakness as any Klingon ship and their strengh too (manoeuvrability), very usefull to get the target in firing arc. Also she very well powered.


Give a try and you will see that she cannot fail you.


Good Hunting, Captain !