Our Hearts and Prayers go out to those Families who lost loved ones in this horrendous tragedy.

The American Members of XC stand firm behind our President and the Congress of the United States of America.

Here are some comments by XC members regarding this atrocity:

FA Frey XC:

To all members of XenoCorp, but especially to those American members:


 Stay calm in the face of adversity.


 Remember, America IS one of the mightiest Nations in the world.

 Those who have perpetuated this atrocity will be found, and justice will be served. 


Our hearts and prayers go out not only to all Americans on this day, but to all citizens of the world to whom freedom means so much.

 Perhaps Stoney said it best :

 “please forward this to whomever in the XC that should read this.

 now is not the time to take sides or accuse any of our fellow men. now is the time for facts to be found, not judgments made.

 we want to live by example. Gene was an example.

knowledge does not breed hate.

hate does not breed knowledge.

 please reflect on what you are all thinking about right now, and don't jump to conclusions."



 Spoken in the truest XC fashion.


Let not only America band together, for we shall, and our unyielding anger will not be defied, but let also all those members of our world band together, and protest these acts which take those things we most hold dear – our abilities to simply live our lives free from terror, oppression and tyranny.


May the Gods bless America, and all who take up her cry for freedom!


 Frey R.M. Petermeier

CEO, Director Fleet Activities,

XenoCorp® Inc.


"Don't try to be a great man, just be a man..

Let history make it's own judgment."



Yesterday, I was in the process of watching TV when I was recalled from grad school at the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

 I am currently a Lieutenant in the US Navy and am honored to be a Flight officer. 

I was flown from Randolph AFB to NAS Corpus Christi where I took part US Navy air patrols over the Midwest of the United States.  For the first time in my career my guns had the potential to be pointed at American citizens.  Needless to say I was full of varying emotions. Never before was I told that I might have to shoot down a American airliner upon confirmation from the National Command authority. 

I don't know when I will be able to return to my life in San Antonio, or if I ever will.  Today I managed to be able to check my email sense all of this happened.  I am pleased to see the responses from XC in this matter.  I ask that you continue to pray or whatever you may choose to do for our Nation.  I thank you for your concerns. 
PS My fiancée doesn't have anyone in San Antonio.  I told her that if she really feels she needs someone to listen to use my computer and log onto GameSpy. 

So if you see "me" online please try to comfort her.  Thanks

Proud American

RA C Blade XC:


Today is a new low in our history.
Can't these people understand that we will find them and that they will be punished??
Sorry I am too upset to say more.
--- Robert Cole
--- EarthLink: It's your Internet.

FC Harry P. Nex XC:

Hey guys,
    Tremendous, tremendous sadness.  I've been helping a lot of students try to understand this without really understanding it myself.  I hope all is well with everyone.  I hope to see you all on the net sometime in the future.  Let's remember what makes life good, as we remember what makes it bad.  I'll sign off with some words from a Willie Nelson song titled "Living in the Promise Land".   I think it is very appropriate.

Give us your tired and weak
We will make them strong
Give us your foreign songs
We will sing along
Give us your broken dreams
We'll give them time to mend
There is still a lot of love
Living in the promise land

Living in the promise land
Our dreams are made of steel
The prayer of every man
Is to know how freedom feels
We are the multitudes
Lend us a helping hand
There is still a lot of love
Living in the promise land

Peace be with you all and to all the brave men and women, alive and dead, in America.


S'Tasik XC:

Nothing in these past two days has been ordinary.

Life in San Diego, usually so far removed from Washington D.C. and New York City, has suddenly taken
a turn to the surreal as our fates become intertwined. I have spent hours upon hours glued to the
television-CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC-whatever is on . Trying to make sense of it all.

Trying to find out why. Why all those people were killed. All those people…

News flash after shocking news flash, I found myself engulfed in the labyrinth of rumor and
misunderstandings that have always characterized terrorist assaults.

World Trade Center attacked.
World Trade Center destroyed.

Pentagon bombed.

White House targeted.

Air Force One targeted.

A filmy sheen of smoke shrouding the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Six thousand people missing. Ninety-four dead in New York alone. The image of the airplane smashing into World Trade
Two is forever burned into my mind. I am fourteen now. When I'm eighty, I'll still remember the sleek
shape of the 767 disappearing behind the building and suddenly exploding in a deadly fireball. The picture
of a man leaping out from a window in a vain attempt to escape the flames, head pointed downwards. The
fiery jet fuel creeping out from the top of the building, pouring down like burning lava from a
volcano. All these will stay with me.But the most disturbing of all incidents happened at
my high school. The first day of the crisis, the words "World Trade Center" were on everybody's lips
and everybody's minds. The second day--nothing. Everything continued as usual. Girls talking about
the latest fashions. Boys screaming expletives across the hallways at one another.

Lipstick. Damn you!
Forever 21. You bastard.

The lack of interest is a sign of our times--where teenagers have degenerated to the point where ten
thousand American lives matter less than the clothes you buy at the shopping mall. There are people who
thought the World Trade Center was in Chicago; that the Pentagon was the home of the Congressional
leadership. This idiocy cannot stand.

Back in 1941, everybody leapt to join the army, navy, or air force when Pearl Harbor was attacked on
that day of infamy. War was on everybody's minds. Nobody forgot the two thousand seamen and civilians
killed during that dastardly attack on an American naval base. Nobody. Not even an eight-year old
child.The Japanese dropped bombs from their own planes and attacked our ships. Our military installations, our
military equipment. The terrorists have done something much worth. They turned our own planes into
bombs and attacked our nation itself. All the principles it holds dear: The right to life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness given to us by our forefathers themselves.

In four hours--just four hours--thousands of Americans lay dead on the war-torn streets of New York City and Washington D.C. On the contrary, the events of the eleventh were forgotten by the majority of the school population.
Symbolic gestures were made: The flag was lowered to half-mast; the Club Day was postponed; volleyball and football games were cancelled; a pep rally was delayed by a week. Nobody understood. Everywhere on the campus, there was cursing about how something that happened in New York City could screw up everything in San Diego.

Life was normal here. And I felt guilty.

Guilty? Because each morning that I wake up in my comfortable bed, drive to school in my comfortable car, eat whatever I want in my comfortable house, there are multitudes of brave firemen and policemen out there in the rubble, pulling out the wounded, the dead, and an assortment of legs and arms. Three hundred fifty of these valiant men were killed when the Towers collapsed. People who paid no attention to their own personal safety in their attempt to save others.

Three hundred fifty. And my classmates paid no attention to their sacrifice. None whatsoever.

The Spirit of America will stand strong. The men and women in our armed forces risk their lives every
day protecting our noble country. The submariners and sailors huddled into a steel tube a few hundred feet
long, sleeping with torpedoes and a nuclear reactor. The pilots climbing into their cockpits and patrolling
our skies at two times the speed of sound. The marines, forever faithful, bringing the war to the
enemy at great risk to their own lives. These are the people who are guarding America. And these are the
people who will ensure that America will endure. I know that we all feel patriotism. On the first
day of the crisis, people huddled in silent groups, hoping against all hope that there would be survivors.

The seniors spontaneously painted an American flag on the school's benches. I saluted the star-spangled
banner as I passed it on the way to class. These are the people in whose hands America's future lies. We
can count on them. We can pass our legacy on to them.

The question is, for how long?


Ggruuk XC:

Admiral Frey,

As a former servicemember I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude for this and ALL your efforts to support our troops in this time of national tragedy. This kind of action bespeaks highly of yourself and ALL XC members. These kind of efforts are more than 'just what we can do,' it is of great comfort and a source of morale to servicemembers to know our fellow countrymen and women are behind us and wish us the best. Now, I am again a regular citizen like everyone else, but I know how much this means to our men and women in harm's way.

Thank you,

Michael Damour/Ggruuk XC

Commander Marduk XC:

To my fellow Americans:

The events that unfolded yesterday were tragic. I have two words we must all remember:

Eternal Vigilance

The time will come when those responsible will answer for their actions, but we must concentrate on the welfare and help those who are in need.

Those who are responsible thrive on discord. Yes they have struck a major blow against us and this cannot be denied, but we determine how we react from here. We need to show these parties that this action will not turn us against each other.

Hearing how our emergency crews came together made me proud to be an American more now than any day of my life. To know that we put our differences aside, however big they may be, and came together, tells me that there is not a terrorist on earth that can tear apart the spirit that is the very fabric of this country.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in this horrific act of senselessness.

I know we will prevail.

When you all go home tonight, embrace your family and think of how lucky you are to have these people. I know I will.....

God Bless America

Commander Marduk XC

Mr. Worth XC

It was such a shock to learn what happenned.
But it seems that some people are eager to war too early. They forgot too mourn the deads and help the victims.
If you feel that you cannot do anything, you are wrong. Some have hint to give blood, that is a great idea. It will be needed in big quantity.
Also, to prevent further act of that nature: one word vigilance. Stay aware of anything that happening around you and do not change your habits but do never show that you are frigthen or thoses bastards that destroyed the WTC would have won. Don't give them such a pleasure. Keep your luggage with you and do not hesitate to mention supect packages.
We, Europeans, had our share of such acts but not in this scale and I can tell you that I did not let those terrorists have any hold on me. It is their goal.
Succors are still carrying on and I am sure that your government will track thoses cowards and bring them to your justice.
All my sympathy goes to you and especially those who are still unaware of the fate of their relatives.
"War makes noone great"

Hawkeye Stoneyface XC:


Hail XC!

I wish to say to my brother in arms intrepid, I fly with you. peace and luck in your time of need.
Last, I started a shamanic ritual of mourning and hope. I make no illusions about my faith. I am a shaman of the Lakhota Sioux nation. i mourn those killed and celebrate their lives. i pray for those who must serve to protect my tribe from harm. (intrepid, i offer my strength to you)

XC is my tribe and all were thought of last night.


Last night I urged patience and calm. tonight I ask you for strength. strength to families of victims, survivors and those that have to be vigilant for the rest. a tribes strength is in it's community. strength in it's people. believe. whatever it is that you believe in, just believe.
I give this message to: my thoughts are on the religious with the above statements. but do not allow your emotions and beliefs be used to draw you into something against your wishes. think about how you live. strength. do not show fear, do not live in fear. we are a proud tribe. we analyze facts and seek justice, not revenge.
strength. my heart and visions to you all.
Ya-ka Hey!
Oyate Wanagi Kage
in my visions i am a hawk. i fly over my people and protect them.
intrepid's and the rest of our warriors' wings are made of metal, but they still fly...

SCM Locutus XC:

When I heard the news about the towers i was listening to the radio actually i thought to myself whats goin on this happened 8 years ago why are they still talking about it.  Then it struck that something else happened.
Watching the news and seeing the photos shocked me.  I have no reletives the live in either places or know any of the ppl but yet i still shed a tear for them.  It is nice to hear countries like Isreal say that their ppl are going to mourn today and offer any aid they can to us.  That comment gave me chills.  To see a country who doesnt have much say that should mean a lot to the American ppl.
To all of you who have family, friends, or loved ones who lives were taken in this act of terror, you have my deepest regards.  If there is anything you want me to do for you just ask and i can probably get it for you.  I have a lot of connections throughout the world on different levels.  Again my deepest regards
I am going to leave off by saying My heart goes out to everyone involved and who is affected by this.  The US is a proud and strong country.  We will find out who did this and we will find justice.  Lets let the government worry about that for now lets help all those who need it if just comfort, food or blood donations, or even going to new york to help clean up  (if harvest wasnt here i honestly would). 
SCM Locutus XC
Chris Noonan
Resistance is Futile

Kieran Forester XC

Hear hear. Excellent words, Hawkeye. My thoughts go out to all of those in

New York and DC who have somehow been affected by this tragedy.

Kieran Forester_XC

Hunin Raven XC

As my nation has been devastated by those who want to tear down anything that is BETTER than what they have I am proud to see on my television, hear on my radio, and receive e-mails that inform me that the SPIRIT that has for so long made America great still thrives. In fact, i am even prouder to see that in the face of adversity, the American spirit has not been damaged. Instead those who launched this cowardly, infuriating attack against Americans civilians shall see "That this nation of the people, for the people, and by the people shall not perish" instead even New Yorkers, largely considered to be the most calloused people of our nation have bonded together with a strength of purpose that has not been seen on this planet before. I am proud to be a member of such an enlightened fleet , for if everyone was as enlightened the world would be a brighter place, I am even prouder still to be an AMERICAN.


"This too we SHALL overcome"

PS if you have not donated blood yet pls do so - I cannot because my community does not have the storage or processing facilities do do so.

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