Starfleet Command Division

 A Galaxy Of Resources, A Universe Of Potential.

"Don't try to be a great man, just be a man...

let history make its own judgments."

-Zefram Cochran (Earth 2073)

The XenoCorp Codes:

        XenoCorp® is not just a corporation, it  is a community, and we respect the concepts of strength , honor, peace, and dedication. 

 To reflect this, all  life forms that are members of this community do agree and promise to abide by, on no uncertain terms, that :

  1. We will have FUN !
  2. We will represent XenoCorp® and it's ideals in all that we do, and are.
  3. We will strive to never bring insult, injury or otherwise defame the XenoCorp® name, or ourselves.
  4. We will practice with integrity, without using bugs, mods (models are ok), or cheats of any kind to create an unfair advantage.
  5. We will give respect to those that we practice with even if that person is not respectful to us.
  6. We will strive to help create an enjoyable practice environment for all. 
  7. We will strive to first give time to see if a misunderstanding has happened in the event of a conflict or argument among fleet mates, or the Galactic Community as a whole.
  8. We will do everything in our powers to preserve, protect and promote the right of all life forms to enjoy a existence free from prejudice and oppression, except those life forms that are practicing prejudicial or oppressive techniques.
  9. We observe proper protocol regarding Community actions and relations.

Current News



Congrats to Braxton !! He's the Fleet's new Vice Admiral

Check out the Dynaverse.Net XenoCorp forums for details!

SFHQ promoted to Senior Captain!

XC FDF Roster updated!




762 retires, and makes AMIA his primary focus.

We wish fart-breather well, and godspeed.

XC FDF Roster updated!




Slave Girls 6 is COMING!!!

Check out the Dynaverse.Net forums for details!

XC FDF Roster updated!



Archived News

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