Camboro Cartel Information Database

Cartel Information :

Base of Operation: Mirak

Secondary Operation: Lyran, Federation


This organization is an anti-matter reactor ready to explode. The Camboro cartel is a collection of Mirak and Lyran criminals that hate their former empires more than they hate each other. Human, Andorian, and Orion members of the cartel act as a buffer between the Mirak and Lyran members. This Cartel hates everyone they meet. They have no sympathy for anyone that they steal from. Slash and burn is the policy of the Camboro Pirates.

This Cartel likes to get up close and personal with their pray. They normally lead with waves of missiles before closing in with disruptors, ESG's, and photons set on overload. They have many transporters on their ships as they love fighting hand to hand.


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