(House of Kargoth)

Kargoth Cartel Information Database

Cartel Information :


Base of Operation: Klingon

Secondary Operation: Hydran, Federation


This organization is as much a Klingon House as they are a Pirate cartel. House Kargoth has been shunned from the Klingon high council but still control some strategic worlds in the empire. They have used these worlds as bases of operation for their raiding activities. Kol Kargoth, the founder of the house, plans to take the high council by force as soon as he has the power to do so.

The Cartel is unique in that they are a fusion between a cartel and a military force. The Crimson Shadow even employs Klingon warships from time to time. Their arsenal includes disruptors and missiles as primary weapons, but also utilize photons, phasers, hellbores, and fusion beams


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