Orion Pirates Cartel Information Database

Cartel Information :


Base of Operation: Federation

Secondary Operation: Romulan, Klingon


This group claims to be the original Orion pirate cartel. This may actually hold some merit since there are many ex-naval officers serving on board Orion pirate ships. The Orion government denies any connection to this cartel, claiming that the "Orions" are just a collection of thugs and space pirates. This does not ring entirely true to some, as investigatiors that have found evidence of Orion properties being left alone while "enemies of the state" seem to have cargo raided on a regular basis.

This cartel is very powerful and is in direct competition with the majority of the other organizations. The Orions are elitist and sometimes find it hard to recruit some races they find to be beneath them. The Orion ships have photons and phasers as their main weapons, but also employ disruptors, missiles, plasma, and cloaking devices.


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