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Cartel Information :


Base of Operation: Gorn

Secondary Operation: ISC, Federation


It is known by many that the first contact between the Gorn and the Federation was not peaceful. Many Federation settlers of Cestus III where killed by the Gorn during a "misunderstanding". The predominately Asian surivors of the massacre happened to be part of an ancient criminal organization called the Yukuza. They had joined the colonist as a way to travel to a new part of the galazy to apply their trade. When the attack occurred they saw their opportunity to grab vital supplies and ships from the dertroyed colony.

Life in the Syndicate is about honor and obedience. These traits are rewarded and successful members live a very good life. Breaking tradition is a quick way to your grave. The Syndicates uses Federation and Gorn technology mostly but have recently spread their operation to ISC space.


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