TigerHeart Cartel Information Database

Cartel Information :

Base of Operation: Lyran

Secondary Operation: Mirak, Klingon


Tiger Heart cartel is comprised mostrly of Lyran outcasts. This is a very proud cartel and is pretty honorable as pirate go, since they know what its like to be shunned by their own people. This cartel likes to operate in smaller packs, joining only when big trouble arises. This makes every section of the cartel independent and hard to eliminate as a whole, but at the expense of some overall power to the cartel itself.

The Tiger heart Cartel is the only non-military organization to use fast partol ships. These are stolen and replicated Lyran PFs modified to Tiger Heart needs. The Tiger Heart clan prefers small ships and does not utilize any ship larger than a CA. They prefer to use swarm tactics of several waves of drones in conjunction with ESGs and disruptors.


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