Wyldfire Cartel Information Database

Cartel Information :


Base of Operation: ISC

Secondary Operation: Gorn, Romulan


Alex Wyldefire is the greatest Buccaneer ever to sail the blackness of space. He has single handedly carved out an empire from a single ship, the Happy Jack. He and his crew raided for years through ISC space always getting away in the nick of time with the goods and the glory. Alex aided the Federation during the war of pacification, passing on vital information in exchange for whatever he needed. Since that time, Alex has formed with other flamboyant buccaneers to form the Wyldefire Compact, a loose group of pirates set on making a little money, acquiring a lot of glory, and helping the weak and poor whenever possible.

Anyone that has any sort of ship can enter the compact as long as they abide by the rules of Wyldefire. Many freighter hulls, including captured luxury liners, have been converted into makeshift priate ships. While the rag tag group may not be the prettiest of the cartels, they are by far the most flamboyant and brave.


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