File Reference Library

The following are the current release patches and other file utilities for all versions of Starfleet Command series of Strategic Command Interface applications.




        Gaming Services

2002 - 2036 (24 MB)

2033 - 2036 (3 MB)



Dynaverse Server Kits

ServerPlatform for SFC2 - EAW (2036)



XenoCorp Downloads for SFC2 : Empires at War

EAW Enhancements are located HERE

 (various sizes)



Bonus Missions

Sulu Bonus Missions

(Now included in the patch for SFC2)

Bonus Missions Patch

(offered for Backwards compatibility)





        Gaming Services

EZIni for SFC II and OP

MagnumMan's and FireSouls Co Op Ace 3..2.1  for EAW

MagnumMan's  Sector Assault Multiplayer Script

BlackOp's Downloads : GameSpy Skin for SFC2

ShipEdit (8.2 Mb - All versions) - EagleEye Software Group



Back Up files

SFC2 EAW Shiplist (2036)

SFC2 EAW FighterList (2036)

SCF2 EAW Executable (2036)


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