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XenoCorp Sounds & Textures Packs, V3.5b


NEW !!!

The latest update of the XenoCorp Sounds & Textures Pack, this release includes compatibility with the Standalone Expansion SFC Orion Pirates, with a majority of the same sounds from V2.1 included in V3.0 for SFC Empires at War.

There are many new sounds as well, all canon, including the following :

  1. Standard Sounds :

Almost all the weapons sound are completely different, and canon. Not something created out of thin air, but high quality stereo samples edited to work perfectly.

2. Added sounds :

Several revised sounds for various events and stuff - from the authentic Klingon Cloaking sound which replaces the now working cloak, to transport effects and tractor effects.

3. Ambients :

 Several ambients are included in the ambients pack - offered separetly or in the Mega Download. From the Classic Klingon March from ST TMP, to the Theme from ST The Undiscovered Country, these ambients
replace the "ship sounds" and play consistantly throughout the game.


Here are a few of the new taunts, which include actual versions of taunts in the races language !

Scotty saying "Up yer Shaft!"

Kruge from ST III, "Target Engine section only!"

7of9 "I am starting to experience...anger!"

Kirk from TOS : " I ...don't....believe it!"

The ORIGINAL GORN from TOS " Save us time, surrender now, your death will be quick".

Q from TNG "Blasphemy! Your lucky I don't cast you out or smite you or something !"

Original Romulan Quotes from TOS & TNG  : "Jolan'Tru!"

and everyone's favorite :


"Resistance is futile. Death is irrelevant. You will be assimilated."

Formats :

Sounds : 22,050 Hz, 16bit, Stereo

Taunts : 22,050 Hz, 8 Bit, Stereo

Ambients : 16,000 Hz, 8 Bit, Stereo


Download Packages :


Sound & Textures Pack V3.5b

XenoCorp Textures Pack V3.5b

The Complete Textures Pack Installer (7.8 MB)

XenoCorp Sound Pack V3.5b

The Complete Sounds Pack Installer (9.0 Mb)

XenoCorp Ambient Pack V3.5b

The Complete Ambient Pack Installer (48.5 Mb)

XenoCorp Taunts Pack V3.5b

The Complete Taunts Pack Installer (7.1 Mb)

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