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Fleet Vice Admiral Braxton, Director

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XenoCorp Recruiting Division

Maybe you've seen us around the galaxy and thought 'What a great bunch of people!'?  Perhaps you like what you've seen here at XenoCorp.Net?  If you are just interested in joining one of the most advanced research organizations in known space, you've come to the right place!  

   With facilities like XenoCorp HQ Alpha, the Headquarters for XenoCorp, and our other two Starbase research facilities located on the Federation-Gorn border and the other on the Federation-Klingon border, XenoCorp leads the Galaxy in technology research and development. 

XenoCorp runs the Directory services for the SFC : EAW and OP Strategic Command Interface Simulators. XenoCorp is also the single most involved entity that runs and administers www.dynaverse.net - the only Official SFC community site that was endorsed by Taldren, the games creators.

We also have one of the most extensive database storage facilities in the known galaxy!  Access to Command Simulation database includes various models, sound packs, textures, tactical training movies. tactical treatises, and much more!  XenoCorp also maintains a persistent galaxy conquest simulator, the GSCI or Galactic Strategic Command Interface titled "The Forge".  This simulator engine is open to all races wishing to participate.  Feel free to stop by and check out the action!!


    XenoCorp hosts regular tournaments among its various squadrons all competing for various prizes and ranks. XenoCorp maintains a ranking structure which all members are expected to abide by.  Promotions are available for members who exhibit exemplary performance in the line of duty.  XenoCorp does not hold mandatory membership meetings, instead all Fleet  correspondence is transmitted via our Private Forums and SubSpace email. We  all get together to celebrate and have fun!

We are looking for good people who are easy going, get along with others and just simply want to have fun!  If you have what it takes please direct your application to the Recruiting Department !  Simply cut and paste the form below into an subspace message relay form and you should be contacted within 24 galactic hours.



Click HERE to apply !


Fleet Vice Admiral Braxton,

XenoCorp Dept. of Recruiting and Compliance

Recruiting and Compliance Department

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