Listed here are the resources XenoCorp provides for all members of the Galactic Community.

By utilizing any of these resources, you agree to release XenoCorp from any liability, for anything regarding using said resources, for pretty much anything. See the legal paperwork.

TS Svr:

IRC Svr:


D.Net Directory Servers:

XenoCorp TeamSpeak Server : Online

Address: teamspeak.xenocorp.net

Password: sfcrulz

Please contact


if you have a special event and wish to utilize the Teamspeak Server for such.

Get the client for Teamspeak HERE.



XenoCorp's Unreal IRCD server is: ONLINE.

If you would like to utilize XC's IRC server, please contact:




EAW / OP Directory Servers Status:

Access Server: Running

Firewall Server: Running

Directory Server: Running



FTP Server status is : ONLINE

FTP Server Address: ftp.xenocorp.net

SFC Community Members: See the XC FORUMS for details.

XenoCorp Members : Refer to your command staff for access



Server THOR is available for hosting all the SFC Series Dynaverses.

Server THOR


Athlon XP 2200 + (1.8 GHz)

768 GB of  DDR 333

Plenty O' Hardrive space

Running Windows 2003 Server, Standard


for scheduling information.

For a detailed listing of XenoCorp's current server resources,

please go to the XenoCorp Forums.

This is a FREE service provided by XenoCorp to our SFC Communities Dynaverse Admins.

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