XenoCorp Inc. holds regular tournaments to continue the training of all fleet members, as well as provide a carefree and enjoyable environment for members to compete against each other. The tournaments are played with specific Rules Of Engagement designed to not only increase the Captain's skills, but encourage honorable behavior when possible. All tournament data is compiled into a centralized database where Captains can review their individual performance, and gauge their strengths and weaknesses in command.

    Tournaments come in several flavors :


There is currently NO tournament ongoing.

Check back again soon for more information regarding upcoming tournaments.

XenoCorp GameSpy Tournament

  Tournament Rules


- 1v1 elimination. Each round will eliminate half the remaining players. We will keep scheduling rounds until only 1 player remains - the Tournament Champion!
- Opponents will be paired up randomly. If there are an odd number of participants in any given round, the odd man out will have to fight one of the admins to see if he can advance (most likely one of the XC staff).


- All matches will be flown on Gamespy using OP.
- Each match will be hosted by a referee who will be a XenoCorp staff member (or appointed volunteer) with a good connection. The referee will self-destruct upon entering to avoid interaction with any of the participants. It will be the ref's job to host the match, ensure that rules are followed, and call the match due to lag, if necessary.
- The referee and the two participants will be the only players allowed in the game. Films will be recorded and saved for each match and will be publicly available for download from the XC webs (sorry Hexx).
- Matches will be scheduled according to player availability. Every attempt will be made to accommodate different timetables, however there will be a finite time for each round to be played (the initial rounds will be given more time). If anyone has to forfeit due to scheduling or RL issues his/her opponent wil be paired with someone else (an admin if necessary).

BPV, Era, and Terrain

- BPV, era, and terrain will be randomly selected for each round (not each match). Era will be selected first by a simple d6 roll from the following table:

1 Early
2 Mid
3 Mid
4 Late
5 Late
6 Late

BPV will then be randomly selected from the following ranges depending on era:

Early 80-160
Mid 80-180
Late 80-240

Terrain will be randomly selected from the available medium-sized maps. Nebula will be excluded.


The stock shiplist and fighterlist will be used. PLEASE DO NOT LOG ON FOR YOUR MATCH WITH OP+ INSTALLED. The stock lists are available at in the downloads section under OP.

If you need instructions on backing up OP+ so you can swap out just ask. (The easiest way is just to copy and rename your whole OP folder.)


- Choose your race wisely when you sign up. No switching will be allowed.
- Major races only. No LDR or Wyn will be flown. Pirates are OK but you must fly the same cartel throughout the tourney. No Tholians. (Sorry Maverick)


Teamspeak will be available for participants and referees on the XenoCorp TS server. Details to follow.


...will be of the highest caliber! You might get screwed on the BPV and you might get a sweet spot. Real captains can't always pick the best conditions to fight in. Suck it up and give it your best fight either way!

...and Rule #1

Have fun!


Galactic Dominance Tournament

   The first Galactic Dominance Tournament was held August 1st 2001, and continued until only one Empire was standing !

1st Place Winner received :

2nd Place winner received :

Not a thing, because it's Galactic Dominance !!!!


Greetings Everyone!!

The 1v1 Single Elimination Tourney that began a little over a month ago has finally drawn to a close! In what turned out to be a glorious battle among the asteroids in sector A-19 of the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Intrepid of the XenoCorp Fleet defeated the renowned Captain Jim the Fed of the 9th Fleet!

Congratulations Captain Intrepid !!!!!

I would personally like to thank everyone who participated and helped to make this event work! I know we extended the length of the tourney far beyond our original intent, but by doing so I think we were able to allow more players time to arrange their real life schedule to meet their opponents in battle. It was not an easystruggle to progress through each of the rounds.

Many great starship Captain's participated but only two outstanding warriors made it all the way to the end to finally meet each other in epic combat!

Well fought gentlemen!

*Raises a glass of Saurian brandy and salutes

Captain Intrepid and Captain Jim the Fed*


-Fleet Rear Admiral Malystryx (Ret.)



Round 3:

Pilot Name


Round 2 Opponent

Map Parameter

Mission Parameter




Intrepid    (defaulted)

Medium Asteroid Field

300 BPV Late Era




Medium Asteroid Field

300 BPV Late Era



(Plays Winner)          Won by Default

Medium Asteroid Field

300 BPV Late Era


Jim the Fed says :

    "He had an SCS. I should have stayed at range early and just killed fighters. Then started my range 8 OL barrage/flyby's. PAtience!!!. Then on what was prolly gonna be last gasp, holding 6 OL's I was messing with ecm panel and ran smack into an asteroid.

    Intrepid played his stregths well. I did not. The asteroid thing was probably not gonna change the end result, I had hurt him pretty good already, and was about to hurt him more. However all my butt shields were gone. All of them. And he still had about 10-12 fighters. I had 1 ww ready for their drones. My only hope for my last run was to cripple his ship and H&R his gats away. Then probably I would die soon after to his fighters.

    3 down shields and no more AMD. With 10 or so raven 3's on me? I would have died anyway, but at least I would not have gone down to a rock.

    Good fight Intrepid. I want a rematch just for fun someday."


-Jim the Fed


-Well said, Jim, and credit goes to you for your honorable remarks !

1st Place Winner 



A XenoCorp T-Shirt with the XC Federation Squadron Logo, the taunt of his choice on the back -

"Damn it's good to be in the Federation", 

his tournament stats, and a entire compilation of the XenoCorp Mods.

2nd Place Winner

JIMBO (aka Jim the Fed)


A generic XenoCorp T-Shirt with the XenoCorp Logo on the back, and an entire compilation of the XenoCorp Mods.

3rd Place Winner 

GC XC (aka The Forgotten)

receives :

A copy of the entire compilation of XenoCorp Mods.


Films of the most recent tourneys, as well as other great recordings, can be found at the Tactics & Strategy Film Library.

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