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Goodbye Ward
(To the tune of "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks)
An XC Song for Ward by: Hstaphath

Ward had joined up with the XC crew after playing SFC one day,
He was both active on the dynaverse and also on GSA.

After many trials by fire in battles both lost and won,
Ward rose to fame as the Senior Captain of Fed Squad One.

But it wasn't to long after Hsta showed up that we all went on a quest for a Grail,
So Ward tagged along with Admiral Frey, happy go lucky, banging on a photon shell.

Ward joked and sang along saying how this Holy Grail quest would be so great,
But he never even realized that he'd be cashing in his chips in scene eight.

Well right away Stoney knew that a large wooden wild weasel would take a ride,
With Hsta and 7, they worked out a plan, and it didn't take them long to decide,

That Ward had to die...

Goodbye Ward,
That british comedy, it's sure funny to me, Ward,
Ready for the spotlight? Good, step a bit to the right, Ward,
Whoa, oh my, what's that up in the sky, Ward?

So the quest was over, but it didn't stop there and everywhere Ward would go,
Why he would come to a tragic end in every XC song and skit, he just didn't know.

Well, the weeks went by and spring turned to summer and summer faded into the fall,
Ward was on the run as fast as he could go and couldn't get any sleep at all.

The XC crew sent Alien to track him down at a funky hotel room late one night,
She found gummi bears, SPAM, Yatta, and strawberry jam, but Ward was nowhere in sight,

All 'cause Ward had to die...

Goodbye Ward
We need a break...
Lets fly 169 late, Ward,
After your grisly fate, you're as flat as a pancake, Ward,
Want to go again? Good! Lets go for a spin, Ward. Hey!
XC Crew: Run Ward! Run away! Run away! Run away!

762: Oh, he's died!

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