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I am Hstaphath, the Official Bard of XenoCorp, and your humble host here at the XC Bard's Corner. That is Ferret over there working the bar so, grab yourself a drink, pull up a chair/stool/rock/Lyran/chunk-of-bulkhead/couch, put up your feet/hooves/paws/appendages, and please make yourself comfortable!

Monty Python: Lord of the Rings
After 4 years of work (with a 2 year break in between MP:RotK and MP:Hobbit), my magnum opus is complete. Well, right up until I snap one day and do something crazy like Monty Python: Children of Húrin... hehe...

Monty Python: The Hobbit

Monty Python: Fellowship of the Ring Monty Python: The Two Towers Monty Python: Return of the King

Monty Python: The Hobbit (PDF Version [424KB])

Monty Python: Fellowship of the Ring (PDF Version [1.25MB])

Monty Python: The Two Towers (PDF Version [1.33MB])

Monty Python: Return of the King (PDF Version [1.66MB])

XenoCorp Does Monty Python
These are the comedic forays that got me started on the whole "parody of a parody" career that began in August of 2001. The pure fun the XC Crew and I had in creating them is probably illegal in several states.

XenoCorp and The Holy Grail XenoCorp and Now For Something Completely Different

XenoCorp and The Holy Grail

XenoCorp and Now For Something Completely Different

When Squirrels Attack
True tales of horrifying combat fought by Warrior J'inn against his ultimate nemesis. May these words of epic valor and bravery live on forever!

The Infamous Squirrel Battles

SFCIII: Wrath of Moo
One of my proudest moments and happiest memories... I had the honor of being the first to post the screenshots to "SFCIII: Wrath of Moo" on the old Taldren Forum.

SFCIII: Wrath of Moo - Screenshots Revealed!

The Best of XC Radio
Song parodies are something I love to do. In fact, doing a song parody was how I met up with the XC Crew so long ago. So, if you want to snag 15 minutes of fame on the Dynaverse Ten Forward Forum, just let me know what your song request is.

XC Radio Archive

What the heck is a "Hydran" anyway?!
I have added this section for those Tolkien and Monty Python fans that wandered in here that are unfamiliar with either Starfleet Command or Starfleet Battles. Yes, I really did intend for that Bard up there to look like a Star Trek alien and, yes, I'm still considered "sane" by the mental health profession.

Encylopaedia Galactica: Hydrax

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