The Complete Script

XenoCorp and The Holy Grail of Play Balance

Scene Index

Opening Credits (Hawkeye and Hstaphath)

Scene 1: A Romulan Carrying a Photon? (Hawkeye)

Scene 2: Bring Out Your Wrecks! (762)

Scene 3: Bloody Peasant! (Hawkeye)

Scene 4: The Black Dreadnought (Frey)

Scene 5: Burn the Hydran! (Hstaphath)

Narrative Interlude: The Book of the Film (Hstaphath)

Scene 6: XenoCorp (Hstaphath)

Scene 7: A Blessing From Taldren! (Hstaphath)

Scene 8: ISC Starbase / Trojan Wild Weasel (Hawkeye)

Scene 9: The Forum Historian (Hstaphath)

Scene 10: Harry and the Three Mirak DF's (762)

Cartoon: Diving Monks of the Church of Taldren (Hstaphath)

Scene 11: Hawkeye at Starbase Anthrax (762)

Narrative Interlude: Meanwhile, Admiral Frey and 762... (Hstaphath)

Scene 12: Frey, 762, and the Old Man (Hawkeye)

Scene 13: The Knights of Foo (762)

Cartoon: Bloody Weather (Hstaphath)

Scene 14: Make Sure He Doesn't Leave (Hawkeye)

Scene 15: Message For You, Sir (Hawkeye)

Scene 16: Hurry, K’tujHegh. Hurry! (Hawkeye)

Scene 17: The Dead Frodo (Hawkeye)

Scene 18: Moofighters the Spammer (762)

Scene 19: The Knights Who No Longer Say 'Foo' (762)

Narrative Interlude: Summer Changed Back Into Winter... (Hstaphath)

Scene 20: Overon the Elite SFCer (Frey)

Scene 21: David Ferrell of Taldrenbannog (Frey and Hstaphath)

Scene 22: Large Sunglider of Cheeeeese (762)

Scene 23: The Bird of Bethke (Hawkeye)

Scene 24: The Castle Taldren (Hawkeye)

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