The Best of XC Radio

Songs not done by me that are included here have been marked appropriately (I hope).

Most Recent:

Dizbuster! By: Kadh2000

The Highwayman By: Kadh2000

The one that started it all:

The XenoCorp Crew Ballad

Oldies but Goodies:

An XC Klingon

Eat It

Ferret's Gorn

Flame-Foo Fighting

Get The Game Started

The Gorn Touch

GSA Session Five

Goodbye Ward

I Am the Very Model of a XenoCorp Fleet Admiral

Like a Hydran

No Trace of a Heart/Enterprise Theme

SPAM The Forum All Day

The w00t Song (the Not Don Dawson Song)

Who Let The Trolls Out?!?

A Star Trek Christmas:

My Twelve Days on Gamespy By: Kieran Forester

Klingon Kristmas Karol By: Jack Power

XC Poetry Corner:

The Riddle of Admiral Frey

Ode to Bethke By: Admiral Frey

Undignified Ways to Die on GSA

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